The Mill of La Royère produces first cold-pressed olive oil that is said to be “virgin”, a pure juice without any supplements or additional transformation: a divine product!
Part of the production falls under the Protected Designation of Origin: Huile d’Olive de Provence AOP and our olive groves are in the midst of a conversion to organic practices that begun in 2018.

Variety & Typicity

La Provence is home to several kinds of olives, every region having their own variety depending on traditions and types of soil or climate.

At La Royère, we essentially cultivate the Aglandau variety, also called Verdale de Carpentras and elaborate fruity green olive oils. They are ideal for seasoning and the Mediterranean cuisine thanks to their complex aromas, natural pungency and peppery finish – typical to the Aglandau olive.

Rich with artichoke flavours, fresh-cut grass and apple aroma nuances, our olive oils are produced from semi-ripe fruits. Our olive oils are first cold-pressed and of virgin extra quality.

Visits and tastings at the estate!


The Mill of La Royère begins outdoors where the olives are washed energetically to get rid of dust and the clay used to protect the trees from the olive fly.

Once cleansed, they are channeled towards the crusher that completely mashes the olives into a paste. The paste is kneaded during 30 minutes to an hour at a temperature of about 26°C. We use a centrifuge to separate the oil from the water and the pomace. The oil is then stored in stainless-steel vats.

To obtain 1 litre of oil, 5 to 8kg of olives are required.

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