Marcs de Provence, Fines de Muscat and Olive Flavoured Eau-de-Vie – our latest novelty – are distilled at the winery in a copper alembic still. Some of our spirits are thereafter aromatised via maceration or aged in oak barrels.

The copper alembic still

The Marc de Provence (made from grape pomace) is gaz heated up to 100°C at low flame. When the distillation process begins, vapors are conveyed into the central column which concentrates the alcohol by progressive layers.
Next, the cooling tank operates the transformation back to a liquid state, where alcohol is collected based on its concentration. Its primary aromas are refined and fruity, comparable to Italian grappa.

La Fine de Muscat is a liquor made from wine and the Muscat Petits Grains grape variety. The distillation process is the same as for the Marc and produces a very aromatic alcoholic beverage. La Fine is an ideal base for fruit and spice maceration.

Our Olive Flavoured Eau-de-Vie is also born from a production residue: olive pomace and olive oil are mixed together with pure alcohol and left to macerate before going through distillation.

Visits and tastings at the estate!

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